Global Care

Gobal care is an international christian school suppliescharity providing relife, for develoment, and education for vunerable children.

St andrews methodist church is part of the north east area working for global care.

They are a Christian organisation working in communities with impoverished children, regardless of faith or ethnicity. They aim to treat everyone with respect, and work for jusproject workers helping kidstice for all children.

For 35 years they have pioneered initiatives supporting vulnerable children and young people in  Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Central America

They rely on churches, schools, individuals and families, through fundraising and sponsorship, to help them develop new and existing projects.

They aim to support the poorest and most vulnerable children and young people, through education; vocational training, feeding and welfare care. For some they provide residential care.

There experience shows this approach brings effective long-term solutions, leading to independence and self-sufficiency.

A team of volunteers go out each week, building trust with vulnerable young people. The project has converted an outreach bus (part-funded by Global Care in 2012) into a mobile clinic, classroom and mentoring centre, providing a safe place for children and young people. Children are encouraged to think about options for leaving the streets.  Their partners also seek to support children back into education.

Global Care works with SKD Guatemala whose focuses is on rescuing children from the streets, and preventing children taking to the streets.

Children end up on the streets because of poverty, abuse, social vulnerability or exclusion. Sadly, street life is too often short.

Children risk further abuse and exploitation, traffic accidents and violent gangs. Most beg or steal to raise money. Cold, hungry, sick and afraid, many street children in Guatemala abuse drugs as a means of escaping from the harsh reality of their lives

Their specific project at the minute is to get the kids of guatemala off the streets and aways from the gangs. Most of the money raised is going towards buying and refubishing a safe house for the children who are on the streets with no safe place to go.

A new protection shelter is being developed, offering  short-term emergency accommodation to children who need immediate removal from abusive or dangerous situations, while social care authorities explore long-term solutions.

registered charity no: 1054008